2013 Events

November 4, 2013: “Succeeding as a Woman in STEM” with Karen Purcell, author of Unlocking Your Brilliance (Browning 101 – Dunford Auditorium, 12-1 p.m.) More information

October 15, 2013: “Connecting Students with Success: 10 Resources for Women Who Want to Complete a Degree at Dixie State University” with Tiffany Whitehead, Professional/Technical Writing non-traditional student (Holland 477, 12-1 p.m.)

October 14, 2013: “Women’s Career Forum: Perspectives on Becoming a Strong Female Leader” with Terry Kane, VP of Intermountain Healthcare Southwest Region and CEO/Administrator of Dixie Regional Medical Center (Taylor 156 – Auditorium, 12-1 p.m.)

September 23, 2013: “Balancing School, Work, and Family Life for Success” with Susan Whiting, Licensed Mental Health Counselor (Browning 101 – Dunford Auditorium, 12-1 p.m.) More information

September 16, 2013: “Women’s Self-Protection Workshop” with Tim Eicher, M.Ed., Family and Consumer Science DSU faculty (Udvar-Hazy 229, 12-1 p.m.)

August 16, 2013: “Conversation on Mentoring” with Dr. Donna Dillingham-Evans, Dean of Utah State University-Toole and former executive vice president and VP of academic services of Dixie State University (Holland 537 – Zion Room, 1-2 p.m.)

March 19, 2013: “10 Things They Don’t Teach You in College” with Mary Ann Holladay, Director of the Utah Women and Education Initiative (Women’s Resource launching event in Browning 101 – Dunford Auditorium, 12-1 p.m.)