The purpose of DSU Women’s Resource Center is to serve women by providing support through existing campus resources, including but not limited to scholarships, mentoring, professional development, etc., to help them achieve their academic and professional goals.


The 2013 Research and Policy Briefs of the Utah Women and Education Initiative (UWEI) reveals more work is needed to increase the retention and graduation rates of female college students in Utah: “Data show that Utah has a particularly high percentage of adults who have some postsecondary education, but have not finished a degree or certification program. Women make up a major portion of those without degrees, particularly at the bachelor’s level and higher” (released on January 15, 2013).

In the fall of 2012, Dr. Florence Elizabeth Bacabac did strategic planning for the program during her tenure as UWHEN state board representative and gave a presentation on resources and support for Utah’s women in higher education at Dixie’s Best Practices committee meeting on November 28th 2012. The following semester of spring 2013, the DSU Women’s Resource Center launched its first interactive workshop for students on how to become successful in business.​ We were honored to have the director of the Utah Women and Education Initiative (UWEI), Mary Ann Holladay, as our campus guest speaker. In fall 2013, we offered a female faculty/staff-to-female student mentoring workshop with guest speaker Dr. Donna Dillingham-Evans, dean of Utah State University-Toole and former executive vice president and VP of academic services of Dixie State University. We hosted several campus activities since then with Dr. Florence Elizabeth Bacabac as its first program director and Dr. Carole Grady as its first program advisor.

To enhance the college experience of female students and encourage them to pursue leading careers after graduation, the Women’s Resource Center will work with female-friendly groups, including but not limited to:

We serve as a resource for female students on campus to help them get connected and succeed academically and professionally. We also organize campus events every semester that cater to various student needs. Please refer to our homepage’s Upcoming Projects,  Announcements, Opportunities, and Accomplishments sections for our services.